Mythology & Orpheus

In the Greek mythical world, Orpheus was the gifted musician son of Apollo and a muse.With such talented parents, it was no wonder that Orpheus became such a talented musician with his lyre, that he surpassed even his father with his music and poetry. His music was magical, his songs could cast spells and soothe wild animals.

Orpheus fell in love and married his wife, named Eurydice.Bitten by a snake, she tragically died and Orpheus lost his soulmate.

Orpheus, realising that his life on earth was meaningless, took his lyre and travelled to Hades, the underworld, to claim her back from the dead.

He begged Pluto & Persephone, the King & Queen of the realm of the dead, to allow his wife to come back to earth as herself, to be by his side, alive and well once again.He managed to convince them after playing the most saddest and most beautiful music that had ever been heard in the underworld before.

Pluto had one condition though for Orpheus. Pluto agreed to let Eurydice follow her husband back to earth and life, as long as Orpheus would not look back at Eurydice until both he and his wife were safely back on earth.

Orpheus did not look back for most of the journey, and was getting worried and impatient for her safety and that perhaps Pluto would not send her after all. As the light touched his face in the world of the living, he turned round to Eurydice and realised he’d made  a tragic mistake, because she was still in Hades and had not reached earth.

She then fell back into the underworld and he lost her forever.

Orpheus was then said to lament his lost love and sorrow with his beautiful music until he was reunited with Eurydice.

This resplendent marble mosaic depicts Orpheus playing on his lyre.

A one off showpiece marble mosaic for floor,

in a palazzo, foyer, reception room, restaurant, castle,

swimming pool, spa, restaurant, hotel, conservatory, and garden.

This mosaic contains over 27000 tesserae.

Size:1200mm diameter  Depth 30mm

Made with inlaid marble and stone tesserae and highly polished

with a smooth finish.

One of a kind and truly unique marble mosaic.

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Weight 150000 g


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