Dolphins are loved creatures of the sea, and symbolise joy, romance, and freedom, and are considered sacred and water spirits in some countries.

In Ancient Greece, Poseidon wanted to marry Amphitrite, a beautiful nereid, so he sent a dolphin, called Delphinus, to find her. Delphinus persuaded Amphitrite to accept Poseidon’s invitation, and as a token of gratutude Poseidon placed the image of a dolphin among the stars.Delphinus is the name for dolphin, in Latin.

A charming Dolphin mosaic wall hanging tile.
* Traditional hand crafted mosaic wall hanging using marble and natural stone
* The mosaic contains over 300 tesserae.
* Size: 150 x 150 mm (6in x 6in). Please note that the size is approximate.There is a hook at the back of the wall hanging so it can be hung.

They are ideal for the living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge, conservatory, study, patio, garden, office, yacht, verandah, bathroom, spa, wet room, swimming pool, for a house plaque.
They are ideal for interior and exterior design as they are waterproof, fadeproof and weatherproof.

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