This is our new Roman Cockerel mosaic by Roman Vision.

Since ancient Roman times, these magnificent birds have been recognised as signs of virility, as they were often used in cockfighting and sacrifices for ensuring a good harvest. .

In ancient Greece, cockerels loyally served many gods and were considered sacred by Apollo, Athena, Hermes and Asclepius.

The main qualities of the cockerel were courage, dignity, reliability, nobility and generosity, and they also symbolised masculine strength, fertility, protection, bravery and resurrection.

Cockerels can often be seen on weathervanes and roofs, as they were seen as a symbol of vigilance.

Roosters were often displayed in Roman houses, as they are today, because they were considered to bring

prosperity, fortune and good luck to your abode.

Even today, roosters are revered in many countries and cultures.

In France, the rooster was considered sacred in Gaul, and the latin word for rooster and Gaul is “gallus”.

The ancient Romans referred to the French as the Gauls and the cockerel is now the emblem of National Olympic Committee of France.

This is the magnificent mosaic of the Roman Cockerel, has been hand made using only marble and natural stone tesserae.

* The mosaic contains over 2500 tesserae. Please note that the size is approximate.
* Size: 400 x 400 x 8mm
* Resin backed

Unique Cockerel mosaic art tile for the kitchen, a restaurant, bar, oven splashback, oven backsplash, kitchen mural, kitchen splashback, utility room, conservatory, wall hanging, yacht, hotel, garden, patio, etc.

Ideal Bird Mosaic tile for interior and exterior design as they are waterproof, fadeproof and weatherproof.

There is a hook at the back of the mosaic so it can either be hung or glued and grouted onto a wall or floor.

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